Remanufactured - Reengineered
re·man·u·fac·ture - v., the act of taking an inoperable product, completely overhauling it with new components and ultimately turning out a piece of machinery that performs like new.

re·en·gi·neer·- v., the act of integrating 100 plus years of railway signal engineering experience into the remanufacturing process. Improving and enhancing the performance of the product to a better than new state.

re·pair - v., the act of recalibrating the inner components of a machine until it regains function.

Not all repair shops will remanufacture your machine. Frequently, once the broken parts have been repaired, the unit is cleaned up, greased, painted and then returned to the customer without it ever having been tested under load.

This approach will often result in marginal performance, problematic and unnecessary maintenance adjustments and even intermittent failures that are hard to diagnose.
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